Friday, 11 March 2016

Black man wrongfully convicted for murder set free after 25 years.

It’s hard to imagine how many black people are languishing in jail for crimes they did not commit. Imagine having to spend your entire adulthood in prison only to be told ‘sorry, you’re not the person we’re looking for’ after one month.
One month wasn’t the case with Hatchett. Hatchett, a man who spent 25 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit was painfully joyous on Thursday as a Brooklyn court declared him a free man who was wrongly convicted.
Black man after 25 years for crime he did not commit.
“I told y’all I didn’t do this,”  a weeping Andre Hatchett blurted out in court after his wrongful conviction for a 1991 murder was trashed.
I’m so happy to be free again. I lost my son, my mom and my dad while in here. I’m home again,” Hatchett continued amidst sobs.
His lawyers said they’d found the murder case was tainted with a dubious star witness, but failed to convince the Judge beyond reasonable doubt.
Because I knew I didn’t do it, I knew I was going to be home one day,” the 49 years old said as he left court escorted by relatives and grandchildren.
Black man after 25 years for crime he did not commit.
The murder victim had been found dead, naked, beaten and dragged into a cross-like position in a park.
And Hatchett had an instant connection to the crime and was jailed.
His 1991 case was among more than 100 often decades-old convictions that Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson’s office has been revisiting in one of the most ambitious reviews of its kind nationwide.
So far, prosecutors have disavowed 19 convictions and are standing by 38 others.
Hatchett’s case, Assistant District Attorney Mark Hale said, was one of ‘systemic failure’.
Prosecutors’ star witness originally named another man as the killer, yet police and prosecutors then credited the witness when he picked Hatchett from a lineup.
Prosecutors never told Hatchett’s lawyers the witness had initially pointed to someone else. Probably because the case had to do with a black man.
Black man after 25 years for crime he did not commit.
Black man after 25 years for crime he did not commit.

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