Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ben and Sharley blessed their new baby

The first weekend in October Ben and Sharley blessed their new baby "Jack". As it happened they were moving that weekend from Denver to Mesa so they chose to bless Jack at Sharley's parents place in St George. It was quite central for everyone and made the blessing easier to get to. We were fortunate in that three of our six kids were able to get there. 
Ben has been feeling for some time that it was time for him to move on with his career so we weren't surprised when they told us they were moving. I offered to help him drive down and at first he declined my invitation, but later decided he could use the help. I flew to Denver Thursday evening and we spent all day Friday finishing loading the truck. They had everything pretty much loaded before I got there but all of the little things that need to be taken care of took us pretty much all day. We finally pulled out of Denver at dinner time and arrived in St George just before breakfast. It was a long drive but it was a great opportunity to sit and visit with Ben. As a bonus I got to become good friends with Kiwi. Kiwi is their dog. 
Sharley's entire family was in St George, and it was also the St George marathon that weekend, so there was not much available for hotels/motels. Lucky for us my cousin Louise and her husband Marty Nygaard live in St George and they were kind enough to put Lisa and I, (as well as Alycia and Alex), up for the weekend. Saturday morning, (after I slept in a little bit,) we were watching conference on TV. Our timing was perfect. To everyone's surprise Louise's brother-in-law, Dale Renlund, (married to Louise's sister Ruth), was called to be an apostle. What a treat it was to see Louise's reaction. The only person who knew the call was coming was Ruth. Not even Aunt Nola or their daughter Ashley knew. 
Saturday evening we had dinner with our kids and with Andrew and Lisa Jones. The Jones' are like another set of parents to Ben and they flew in for the occasion. Jack is named after their son Abram - Jack Abram. We had dinner at the Cliff-side Restaurant. It was a pretty swanky place.
Sunday morning we all headed over to the Cotters. Normally the blessing would be at church during a service, but due to conference that weekend we had it at their house. It was a beautiful occasion. The spirit was felt by all who were present. Jack is a special boy and very loved. 

It was so fun to have both Ella and Jack there.
Blessings like this don't come around every day. 

The Jones rode back to San Diego with us. It was fun to have that opportunity to visit with them. We don't get together often enough.

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