Sunday, 17 April 2016

Donald Trump Warns Of 'Rough July' At Republican Convention

Donald J. Trump in Syracuse, where he continued to rail against the delegate selection process.Credit Alexandra Hootnick for The New York Times
Amping up his heated feud with the Republican National Committee, Donald J. Trump warned the party of a “rough July” at the convention as he railed Saturday against the way delegates were selected in places like Colorado, where he was outmaneuvered by Senator Ted Cruz.
It was the latest salvo in his fight over the delegate process, which included an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on Thursday about a “rigged” process that could deny him the nomination despite having won more states. Several weeks ago, Mr. Trump was roundly criticized for saying there would be “riots” at the convention in Cleveland by his supporters if he was on course to get the nod and party delegates snatched it away.
Mr. Trump made the remarks on Saturday in Syracuse, a week after Mr. Cruz sewed up all 34 delegates in Colorado, where party leaders changed their nominating process last year. Mr. Trump insisted the changes were made because he was leading in public opinion polls.
“The Republican National Committee, they’d better get going, because I’ll tell you what, you’re going to have a rough July at that convention,” Mr. Trump said.
Mr. Trump has sought to frame the process as corrupt, though he has been outhustled by Mr. Cruz’s team. Mr. Trump’s aides had assured him the race would by done by March, but his threadbare organizational team lost delegates in a number of states.
He recently brought on a veteran of convention fights, Paul Manafort, to help right his ship, while continuing to criticize the system. “You’d better get going, and you’d better straighten out the system because the people want their vote,” he told the crowd in Syracuse. “The people want their vote, and they want to be represented properly.”

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