Monday, 18 April 2016

'I felt like a monster, I was thinking suicide' : Chris Brown talks about life after Rihanna assault

The 26 year old music star in his new documentary called Welcome To My life, revealed how he felt after his problem with Rihanna. Chris says the assault on Rihanna changed his life forever as he watched the media go after him and seven years on, his actions on that night still haunt him. 
Speaking in the trailer for the new documentary, he said: 
"I went from being on top of the world, number one songs, being kind of like America's sweetheart, to being public enemy number one.
 "I felt like a f***ing monster. I was thinking about suicide and everything else. I wasn't sleeping, I wasn't eating. I just was getting high."
Other stars like Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Ludacris also spoke about how anger got the best of him.

His mother, Joyce Hawkins, also talks about the incident. She said: 
"That was the worst day of my life and probably his life...I felt like I was going to lose my child.

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