Friday, 15 April 2016

It’s Been 25 Years Since “Home Alone”… See What The Cast Looks Like Now

Can you believe it’s been 25 years since Home Alone came out? what appeared to be a fun-filled little family yarn about a kid left to his own devices at Christmastime, and forced to fend off a couple of bungling burglars, became an instant classic. Today, no holiday movie marathon is complete without a viewing of Home Alone,
Yeah, I can’t either. A lot has changed – I mean, Kevin McCallister now runs a car service and is deeply scarred from his childhood trauma, naturally. It’s hard to imagine these beloved characters created by John Hughes getting older, as we view them frozen in time getting Nero’s pizza and fighting over the last slice of cheese pizza. But alas, here’s what the cast looks like after 25 years since the film’s release.
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After the success of Home Alone, Culkin became one of the most in-demand child actors. He starred in Home Alone 2 and then tackled other roles in The Good Son and Richie Rich. He took a nine-year hiatus from the big screen in 1994, and has landed small roles since his comeback. In his free time, he’s apart of a Velvet Underground cover band called the Pizza Underground.
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