Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Nigerian model and actress Kendra Etufunwa shares sexy photos, talks about her struggle with Ectomorph body typ

US based model and actress Kendra Etufunwa shares these lovely photo on her social pages. The 28-year-old best known for her lead role as the sexy and sinister Adanna, on M-Net hit TV series Jacob's Cross also talked about her battle with Ectomorphs. The Ectomorph is a type of body type characterised by small joints, skinny appearance, small chest and buttocks, difficulty building muscle and low body fat. They often complain of relentless eating with little or no weight gain. Read her post after the cut..

"Some of you who've been following me for a while, know of my struggles with my weight, (been trying to gain weight for about 10 years) I would go to the gym but I was doing the wrong things. So I finally got smart, I started yoga and I also hired a personal trainer, who's been a tremendous help. I stay away from cardio in general, and focus on weights, squats, lunges, planks etc to build muscle. Also, he changed my entire eating habits, so lots of carbs and a side of protein with EVERY meal, I've also been ordered to eat until I'm stupidly full! Less alcohol, Lots of peanut butter/peanut butter smoothies, avocado, assorted nuts, NO junk food, and LOTS of burgers. I know to some people it looks crazy, but there are tons of people in my predicament (Ectomorphs) , and because majority of people in the world are trying to lose weight, it makes people like me feel like second class citizens especially when researching on the Internet or at the gym training, because most fitness information is geared towards fat loss. 
Long story short, it's been a tough journey(losing or putting on weight is TOUGH) but I love a challenge and to be honest I'm falling in love with the results of so much hard work. My body is transforming into what I want it to look like and that's sexy AF to know that I'm in control of how I want my body to look like." 

Goodluck girl!

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