Thursday, 14 April 2016

Seriake Dickson Bayelsa Governor hasn’t paid salaries for 5 months

President Muhammadu Buhari recently said that 27 states in the country are finding it difficult to pay salaries.

According to reports, Bayelsa state governor, Seriake Dickson has not paid workers in the state’s public and civil service for five months.

The workers are now said to have resorted to begging in order to survive, according to Punch.
“I work in the state-owned micro-finance bank, but since November, I have not been paid. I can’t go to work because I need to look for something to do to feed my family. It has been very tough. Surviving in Bayelsa State has become so difficult,”a source, who is a manager in the government owned Izon Ibe Community Bank, said.
“I wonder why an oil-producing state like Bayelsa cannot pay salaries. We learnt that states like Ebonyi and Taraba, with one of the least allocations, still pay salaries. But here, we are working in an oil-producing state without salaries,” he added.
“The rain is now falling. People expected the governor to start using the savings of the state in paying salaries and rejuvenating the economy. Bayelsa is not supposed to be suffering. It is supposed to be a model state,” another resident, identified as Emmanuel, said.
However, a government official is said to have responded to the claims by saying that Bayelsa is not the only state that’s owing salaries.
“So, why is Bayelsa State so peculiar that journalists want to do a report on it? The Federal Government is owing. You heard the Secretary to the Government of the Federation saying the FG is owing N6bn every month. Is that not scandalous for a nation like Nigeria? Is it not more news worthy than workers resorting to begging? Check the fact, we are owing just three months," he said.
President Muhammadu Buhari recently said that 27 states in the country are finding it difficult to pay salaries.
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