Friday, 29 April 2016

Wow!!! Rihanna Is Pregnant…?????

I can’t with MTO and how many times Rihanna gets pregnant in a year. Now they are claiming she’s pregnant either by Leo DiCaprio or Read their hilarious report below…though they were careful to use ‘might’.. just got its hands on a very extremely juicy piece of gossip. Rihanna might be pregnant. Here’s what we know. MTO spoke with a snitch in Rihanna’s camp who tells us that in the past two weeks Rihanna has stopped smoking cigarettes, stopped drinking champagne and no longer allows marijuana to be smoked around her.
And here’s the shocker. According to one of Rihanna’s CLOSE FRIENDS – Rih did NOT smoke weed on 420. You know HOW MUCH of a weed smoker Rihanna is . . . to not smoke weed on 420 MUST MEAN something serious is going down.
Obviously we can’t confirm Rihanna’s pregnant 100% without seeing her medical records. But there is MORE evidence. Look at her new BODY SHAPE – as seen at her Saturday night concert in Vancouver. Rih appears to have a slight belly bulge.
Wow!!! Rihanna Is Pregnant…?????All evidence points to the fact that Rihanna is pregnant. It’s not at ALL clear who the father is though. In recent weeks, Rihanna has been linked to Drake and superstar actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

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