Tuesday, 31 May 2016

11 Miscarriages in 4 Years! Read the Shocking Story of Two Sisters Who Were Cursed by their Own Father

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Two sisters have literally experienced hell on earth after their own father cursed them following a spat between him and their mother.
The father of the ladies identified as  Bernard Theuri, had a bitter spat with his wife. This made him curse their two children in anger after he accused his wife of being unfaithful in their marriage.
The man's action has caused the hapless girls eleven miscarriages in four years
According to The Star, Bernard Theuri from Maua, Kenya cursed his two daughters on May 2, 2012, claiming that they were not his biological children.
“He threw dust at them and made his declaration. Since then, my two daughters cannot carry a pregnancy to term. This has forced their husbands to separate from them,” said Ruth Mwakachiu, his former wife.
Mwakachiu further explained that the curse made one of her girls miscarry seven times and another four times in her second daughter.
“The curse did not befall my third daughter because I was still pregnant with her at the time,” added Mwakachiu.
In four years, the girls lost a total of eleven children.
Mother and daughters were later kicked out of their home by Theuri who demanded his dowry back as they were married under customary law. He got it back through the clan elders.
The family drama ended up in court  after Theuri was excommunicated from his clan in May 22, 2012 for cursing his children.
He was in court yesterday, Monday, May 30 suing three clan elders; Henry Taitumu, Stanley Mutura and Robert Mutuma who sent a letter to Njuri Ncheke about his removal from any congregation with the intent to defame him.
“He also wants the court to lift his excommunication but two clan elders said he cannot use the courts to lift the ban unless he paid the traditional fines for placing a curse,” published the Star on Tuesday, May 31.
Theuri is supposed to pay with a bull to lift the excommunication and a he-goat to reverse the curse.
While not many believe in it, black magic has been known to be used in a number of purposes.
As is popular in most Kenyan towns, practitioners of the dark arts advertise their services on how they use witchcraft to restore love, lost love, s*xual ability, finances and a number of other reasons.

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