Monday, 30 May 2016

Biafra Protest Turns Bloody, Policemen Thrown into River Alive

Misguided members of the Movement for the Sovereign State of Biafra have thrown two policemen into the River Niger, and stabbed another officer to death.

A police officer who witnessed the dastardly act told NAN that the protesters attacked some officers at the bridge, overpowered two of them, before throwing them into the river.

“We have been able to retrieve one of them from the river. He was brought out in an unconscious mood and rushed to the hospital, however, the second victim is still missing.”

Uche Okelue, a witness, said the fracas broke out after a police team threw teargas at the protesters who were demanding for the independence of Biafra, in an effort to disperse them.

“The police used teargas on the MASSOB people as they were protesting along Anwai Road this morning, so the people got angry and attacked the policemen with knives and broken bottles.

“They caught one policeman, beat him up before stabbing him to death; it was a fierce confrontation as everyone ran in different directions,” he said

Hmmm...too many violent acts these days.

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