Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Erm, now they are claiming Kanye West has a sex tape, shot with a black woman in 2012

Below is how is reporting it
MTO just received word that a Kanye West sex tape is about to drop. The video, which was purportedly taken in 2012, shows Kanye having relations with a very well built African-American woman. She appears to be some type of “video model.” saw a screener of the sex tape, and we have to say – it is by far the best celebrity sex tape that we’ve ever seen.
The video was LEAGUES better that Kanye’s wife Kim’s. What made it so much better? It was Kanye – dude has got SKILLS. In the tape (which was taken from the side of the bed), Kanye is seen PUTTING HIS BACK into every stroke. Dude was looking like an adult film star. And the woman, who was VERY well built, seemed to be really enjoying it. We should point out that his video was taken more than TWO years BEFORE Kanye was married to Kim. The two weren’t even dating at this time. Obviously we can’t leak any of the screenshots or the footage, but from what we understand, it will be leaked before the end of the day.

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