Friday, 27 May 2016

Gay man claims that he had an affair with Kris Jenner's boyfriend, Corey Gamble

A gay man wrote to gossip blog
ClaimYourShade and claimed he had some kind
of a relationship with Kris Jenner's boyfriend,
Corey Gamble. Read what he wrote below..
I’m a young black man in my early
twenties and I recently moved to Los
Angeles from Chicago. Most people
would describe me as gay, attractive and
sexually appealing. I’m an outside-the-
box thinker and heard about gay male
escorts making big money in Hollywood.
I figured if I put some serious effort into
promoting myself, I could get clients in
the entertainment industry.
So here’s the story of my encounter with
Corey Gamble from Keeping up with the
Kardashians. It was 12 a.m. on
Thursday, September 15, 2015. I was
hanging out The Nice Guy in West
Hollywood with my friend from Chicago.
Suddenly, I received a call on my iPhone
from an escort agency I had recently
signed up for.
The operator tells me I have 30 minutes
to make it to the location. She gave me
a warning that it was a well-paying
client. The location was at the London
Luxury Hotel in West Hollywood and the
room was a penthouse suite.
I quickly told my best friend I had to go
handle some business. I let him know we
would catch up before he left back home
to Chicago. I arrived at the London Hotel
and knocked on the door.
When the door opened I was shocked to
see Corey Gamble from Keeping up with
the Kardashians standing right in front of
me. I walked into the room and asked if
anyone else was present. He said a
camera was watching my every move.
Corey: “You have to keep this a secret or
I will have to take legal action.”
Me: “I promise I won’t tell a soul.”
Corey: “How much do you charge?”
Me: “Before I answer that question, I
need you to tell me exactly what you
want from me. Be as specific as
possible.” Corey: “I want to pay you for
[ORAL RELATIONS]. How much will that
cost me.”
Me: “$1,500 dollars, in my pocket by the
time you [FINISH].”
Corey: “Pull down my pants. I need you
to see what I’m working with.” I slowly
pulled down his pants and we laid down
in the bed. Before it really hit me, I
realized I was giving Kris Jenner’s
boyfriend an [EXPLICIT ACT].
I was going to get paid to make him feel
good and I wasn’t going to turn back. I
tried to think about a man I actually have
a crush on. I imagined pulling Chris
Brown’s pants down and performing
[EXPLICIT ACT] on him.
I stroked Corey’s [BODY PART] until he
achieved full [EXCITEMENT]. I gave him
[EXPLICIT ACT] like a porn-star because
I had to pay rent in two weeks. Corey
started to moan and eventually
He handed me $1500 in cash and told
me I could leave. I quickly put on my
clothes and walked towards the door.
Before I could get out, he asked me for
my phone number.
I wasn’t going to put Corey on blast until
he sent me a video of the favor I did for
him. I knew cameras were in his hotel
suite, but I didn’t think he would record
me giving him head. I asked him to
delete the video from his phone and he
refused. So now the jokes on him
because I have nothing to fear.”

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