Monday, 30 May 2016

Husband shoots Doctor who delivered His Wife's baby because he saw her naked

Since the husband don't want another man (a male doctor) to see his wife's body, he should have taken her to one of those 'mama' who delivers women at home and be ready for any fall out. Sigh!

Police have arrested a man after he shot a male doctor shortly after he helped deliver his wife’s baby.

Te husband was angry that the hospital had allowed a male doctor to attend to his wife during birth.
The crazy husband is believed to have wanted a female doctor to deliver the baby and was upset that the male doctor identified as Muhannad al-Zabn, would have seen his wife without clothes. 

The baby was born in April at King Fahad Medical City in Saudi city of Riyadh, according to Gulf News. But after the birth, the man reportedly travelled to the hospital and contacted Dr al-Zabn for a quick chat. 
The man said he wanted to thank Dr al-Zabn for delivering his wife's baby without any major complications. After meeting in the hospital's garden, the man reportedly pulled out a handgun and shot Dr al-Zabn. Following the attack, the father ran from the scene but was later tracked down and arrested by Saudi police.

Dr al-Zabn was taken to the hospital’s intensive care unit and is now in a stable condition, recuperating

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