Friday, 27 May 2016

Teenage boy commits suicide rather than face his parents anger for crashing a new car

An 18-year-old teenage gymnast, Ruslan Gutu, committed suicide by hanging himself, after crashing a brand new car bought for him by his parents. According to his girlfriend Athena, Ruslan confided in her on how worried he was about telling his parents about the crash of the new car.
Athena told the coroner that he was 'shaking' as he told her he was worried about how he would pay for the damage done to his crashed car. 

He also asked if she had any rope or paracetamol and 'how much paracetamol it would take to overdose.' She told him he was being stupid and advised him to think of those close to him.
Before committing suicide, he sent his mother a chilling text, which was later released. It reads, 
'I am sorry to have left you with everything but it is better this way. I will be watching from above.'
Sadly, his hanged body was later discovered in the woods by a park ranger, close to where he lived in his hometown in Bracknell, Berkshire. 
Police cut down the 18-year-old and paramedics at the scene confirmed he had died.

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