Monday, 16 May 2016

The rapper/goon who stole Fetty Wap's chains gets murdered... after Fetty got his chains back

Upcoming rapper Qua Louie The G (pictured
left) was murdered over the weekend. He shot
dead in a drive by on the streets of Paterson.
According to MediaTakeOut, Louis was the
person who recently posted a video on IG,
posing with Fetty Wap's chains, which he and
some of his goons allegedly stole from Fetty.
He then asked for $10k to return the chains.
For some reason, he winded up dead this
weekend. He was affiliated with the Grape
Street Crips of Paterson, New Jersey.
But before he was killed, another gang called
Hoover Crip from Paterson who Fetty is
affiliated with managed to negotiate the release
of the chain. The gang claim negotiations to
collect the chains back were peaceful, and they
had nothing to do with Louie's murder.

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