Thursday, 19 May 2016

Traffickers targeting migrant children and Nigerian women for sexual exploitation - EU

The European Union says traffickers are taking
advantage of Europe's migrant crisis to target
certain types of people, often for sexual
exploitation, with children and Nigerian girls and
women among the most vulnerable, AP reports.
An EU report into trafficking released Thursday,
May 19 said that crime gangs focus on children
because they are easy to recruit and replace,
with young migrants more exposed as they
often travel long distances alone.
The report also noted "a worryingly sharp
increase in Nigerian woman and girls leaving
Libya" has been seen.
The report says from January to September
2015, more than 4,370 Nigerian women and girls
headed for Europe, compared to 1,008 the
previous year. The International Organization
for Migration says around 80 percent of them
could be victims of trafficking.

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