Saturday, 25 June 2016

The United State And United Kingdom Will Remain Bonded....Barack Obama

UK, US bond remains special despite Brexit – Obama
President Barack Obama says the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom will not change following the Brexit vote.
President Obama made the statement in his reaction to UK’s vote to leave the European Union on Friday.
He noted that the referendum, characterised by a fierce populist debate on issues, including immigration and the economy, addressed ongoing changes and challenges that were raised by globalisation.
Obama spoke with British Prime Minister, David Cameron and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, saying the EU would remain a vital U.S. partner.
He said the U.S. respected the decision reached in the UK in which nearly 52% voted to leave while 48% preferred to stay.

In his reaction, Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, said Mr Cameron’s resignation “is a demonstration of courage by a democratic leader who respects the will of the people, even if he didn’t agree with their decision“.
The President who made this known in a statement on Friday, emphasised that by “putting the will of the people before his political future, the Prime Minister proved himself to be a selfless leader with respect for democracy and voter sovereignty”.
Consequent to the Brexit vote, the EU has given indication that the first meeting of the UK vote will hold on Wednesday, June 29.

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