Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Read What This Activist Wrote On Femi Adesina's Facebook Page

Read the comment of this Activist by name "Torhuke Success Dipo" after seeing this post on Femi Adesina's facebook page.

 Was the president hearing you? I doubt if he hears a word. And if he does, did you tell him that there is starvation and hunger in the land Uncle Femi? Did you tell him that people are being killed in the name of Islam, that some ediots now fight for Allah? Did you tell the president that unemployment has skyrocketed with the price of goods and services including essential commodities? Let us assume you didn't go to tell the president lies. Lies like it is only those in PDP that is suffering in Nigeria or lies like majority of Nigerians eat 3 square meal a day. Those are the kind of lies you tell the  npresident that makes him to visit ENT specialists. Your lies destroy the ears uncle FEMI. Stop telling lies to the president and he won't have a reason to visit ENT specialists again

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