Monday, 8 August 2016

Rio Olympics host Helen Skelton's risqué Flashing Her Underwear During Talk Show

Helen Skeltonsent viewers wild after she presented poolside in Brazil for the Rio 2016 Olympics.
Her short dress caused concern for some who immediately took to Twitter to wonder whether the pretty blonde had 'forgotten to put on her trousers'.
Despite it being 22 degrees in Rio and her fellow co-host, retired swimmer Mark Foster, also wearing very short shorts, viewers could only focus on Helen's legs on display.
The presenter, who has made the move from Blue Peter to host the BBC swimming coverage taking over from the beloved Clare Balding, also annoyed some with her constant swivelling in her stool.
Her actions forced some viewers to point out that she might end up flashing her underwear.
One woman dissed the host: "I'm not sure I like Helen Skelton Blue Peter presenting on the Olympics coverage. Someone needs to tell her to stop swivelling in her chair."

Helen Skelton should not spin in the chair....can tell she's not wearing any knickers

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