Friday, 9 September 2016


A couple who have been trying for a baby girl for almost 20 years has vowed to continue having children until they succeed - despite the fact that they now have 13 SONS. Irineu Cruz and his wife Jucicleide Silva have a brood ranging from one month to 18-years-old - but the couple say they won't stop trying until a girl arrives. During the first pregnancy , they agreed Dad would name the boys and Mum, the girls. Now, footie-mad Irineu has since christened all 13 boys after famous footballers - all beginning with the letter R. The family, who live in Concei ao de Coit , Brazil, hoped their thirteenth child would be a game-changer but instead the midwife announced it was yet another boy. Farmer Irineu, 40, said: "When Jucicleide first got pregnant we agreed she could choose the girls' names and I would choose the names if they were boys.

"I've always admired players like Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho and Robinho.
"All the best footballers seemed to have a name beginning with R, so as more and more boys came along, I decided to celebrate South American football by naming my sons after the players I liked."
The family's newest addition has been christened Ronaldo after the former Brazil star.
Little Ronaldo joins brothers Robson (18), Reinan (17), Rauan (15), Rubens (14), Rivaldo (13), Ruan (12), Ramon (10), Rincon (9), Riquelme (7), Ramires (5), Railson (3) and Rafael (2).
According to population experts, the odds of having 13 boys in a row is one in 8,000 making them a record-breaking family.
As the Brazilian football team takes to the pitch during the August 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, it's not surprising Irineu dreams of having at least one of his children living up to their name and becoming a footballer.
He added: "It would be amazing if one of our boys ended up playing for Brazil.

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