Monday, 14 November 2016


Donald Trump's first televised interview since the election aired Sunday on CBS' 60 Minutes. Host Lesley Stahl (left) grilled him on a variety of topics and campaign promises

Stahl asked whether Trump would appoint a Supreme Court justice who would overturn Roe v Wade, the 1973 decision that made abortion legal across the United States and invalidated state laws restricting access to the procedure.
Trump pledged to appoint pro-life justices and said he was himself pro-life. He then predicted that, should Roe v Wade be overturned, abortion would become a states' rights issue again.
This means women would be able to get abortions in certain states, but would be prevented from doing so in other states - as has not been the case in 43 years. 
'But then some women won't be able to get an abortion?' Stahl asked. 
'Yeah, well, they'll perhaps have to go, they'll have to go to another state,' Trump replied.
When Stahl pressed him further, asking whether this status quo was okay, he added: 'Well, we'll see what happens.
'It's got a long way to go, just so you understand. That has a long, long way to go.'
Trump will have to appoint at least one Supreme Court justice, Antonin Scalia's replacement. Given the ages of the current justices, he could have to appoint four in total during his presidency.

The president-elect said he was 'fine' with same-sex marriage remaining as the law of the land and insisted the issue had already been settled by the Supreme Court.
Trump wouldn't say whether he supported marriage equality but said it was irrelevant to question his stance because same-sex marriage has already been entered into law. 
'It's done. It - you have - these cases have gone to the Supreme Court. They've been settled. And I'm - I'm fine with that,' he said.

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