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 Weak erection is a male sexual dysfunction in which the erection of the male sex organ during sexual union is not hard or strong enough to allow or sustain penetration. When a man is aroused sexually, blood gushes in to the man's sex organ giving it an erection. This gushing of blood is fostered by nitric oxide which is secreted within the blood vessels that transport blood to the male sex organ. When this sort of engorgement with blood does not take place, erections are weak. Other factors determining the strength of erection are:

1. Proper nerves impulses to the brain on arousal. 2. Strength and responsiveness of the spinal column near the sex organ. 3. Strength of the fibrous tissues and muscles near the corpora.

If the above factors are somewhat weak, erections won't be strong. Weak erection is no better than complete absence of erection. A man with weak erection cannot satisfy his partner, for she in that case, does not get adequate sexual stimulation. This is may create a rift in their relationship which may ultimately fall apart. The possible weak erection triggers are:

1. Intake of fat rich diet
2. Penile injury
3. Surgical procedure in the bladder or prostate
4. Aging
5. Anxiety
6. Depression
7. Stress
8. Low self respect
9. Sense of guilt
10. Alcohol abuse
11. Drug abuse
12. Smoking
13. Obesity
14. Physical inacivity
15. Over-masturbation habits
16. Hormonal disorder like low testosterone, high prolactin and high thyroid hormones.
17. Cardiovascular disorder like atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure etc.
18. Neurological disorders like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries etc.
19. Other ailments like diabetes, Peyronie's disease.
20. Side-effects of medications like antidepressants, tranquilizers, medications for high blood pressure and ulcers, antihistamines, anabolic steroids etc.
Cures for weak erection:

1. Do not use sexual stimulants prior to sexual union. Those may lead to weak erection.

2. Adopt lifestyle changes like cessation of smoking, drinking, stress management through yoga and meditation, maintaining of a healthy body weight through low fat diet and exercises and so on.

3. Consult psychotherapist to overcome depression and guilt feelings.

4. Embrace the power of herbs like butea superba, safed musli and shilajit. You can use herbal sexual enhancers composed of these herbs. Some effective ones are Butea Superba capsules and gel, Mast Mood oil and Booster capsules.

5. Sleep adequately to do away with weak erections.

6. Use of injections, penile implants, vacuum pumps is the other curative measures.

7. Oral testosterone may also be given to men complaining of poor erections.

8. Stop using recreational drugs.

9. Alter your medications if they are the cause.

10. Herbal erection pills such as 4T Plus capsules and Bluze capsules are also effectively used to increase erection strength and power.

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