Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Embarrassed Mariah Carey 'launches her own investigation into disastrous NYE lip-sync performance after blaming sabotage'

Mariah Carey will not let the horror show of her New Year's Eve performance rest as she's reportedly determined to get to the bottom of what happened.
The diva, who has her own reality show out at the moment, is convinced that someone deliberately tried to make her look bad during her performance at the iconic event in Times Square.
Now, according to The Sun, Mariah wants a full-blown investigation after having done a soundcheck the same afternoon to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
“Mariah is fuming and has been left very upset for the past couple of days. She won’t let this go and believes somebody tried to sabotage her,” an insider told the newspaper.
“She is launching her own investigation into the incident.”
Sources at the pop diva's camp reportedly told TMZ they believe Dick Clark Productions, the TV company behind the Times Square show, deliberately sabotaged her performance to boost ratings.
Carey had complained of problems with an earpiece earlier in the evening but was ignored, it was claimed.
Her spokeswoman Nicole Pence was quoted by Billboard magazine as saying that producers "set her up to fail."

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