Monday, 9 January 2017


The Governor of Ekiti State, Peter Ayodele Fayose, on Sunday cautioned the Federal Government on its recent law which has tampered with the administration of churches in Nigeria by making the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, to step aside as the head of the church in Nigeria.
Fayose said the same regulatory law would soon make other clerics such as Pastor Williams Kumuyi to retire as the head of their churches in the country.
Criticizing the law, Fayose said the government must thread softly on this path to avoid tragedy of monumental proportion from befalling it.
Governor Fayose spoke during the 53rd birthday thanksgiving service of his wife, Feyisetan Olayemi Fayose, at the Governor’s Office chapel in Ado-Ekiti.
He said: “There is one thing every government must not do: the moment you face the church of God, you will fail.
“The God of Adeboye, Kumuyi will bring down all the enemies in this government.
“Somebody must tell them, there are certain things you don’t do.
“They are going from frying pan to fire.
“This government wants to subdue the church, God will subdue them.
“They are ridiculing leaders of the church, God will rubbish them.
“The same church they had deceived to get power, they are saying that we now have the ring, who will remove it from our hand, the Lord will cut off the hand that wears the ring.
“The All Progressives Congress is behaving in this way, but God is the creator of the ring and the hand, God will amputate the hand.
“Ayo Fayose is anointed of God.
“I have warned and I’m still warning, take your hands away from the administration of churches, you are killing Christians.
“The Lord will rise against you.
“By rising against the church, this government has failed.
“As anyone that rises against God will fail.
“By using laws against the church, they have started to crumble.
“Christians are being slaughtered in Southern Kaduna and noble men cannot talk because of fear of incarceration.
“Remember you are here today, tomorrow you would not be here again.
“We must condemn what is happening here today.”
Speaking earlier, Mrs. Fayose said she stopped praying to God to remove her husband’s heart from politics when God revealed to her in 2006 that He needed him (Fayose) in Nigeria.
She said to her husband: “The Lord will reward, He will stand by you.
“You are going higher and I’ll be beside.
“I’ll still remain the same person.
“God has said it and it will never fail.
“When I was praying to God to remove politics in my husband’s heart, God told me in 2006, He said leave that man, I need him in Nigeria.
“I asked when and how and when, but He said don’t ask me.
“But I am taking him higher.
“God indeed is really watching over me.
“I want to be praising God and to be watching my enemies falling and all haters of Fayose and his government falling.
“Note this, I prophesize this year that many things, governments, kingdoms, conspiracies will be torn, so many things this year because of Ekiti State and Fayose.
“Be on God’s side so that you’ll not be torn.”

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