Monday, 24 April 2017

Theresa May has called an election to hammer Labour - any other 'reason' is cooked-up spin

Naked Tory advantage by a party political chancer who should never again be trusted.
Theresa May can try to dress up any way she likes the early General Election this Prime Minister vowed never to seek but the motivation is Conservative advantage.
Party will be put before country on 8 June and every invented Downing Street justification is spin.
The likelihood is a much bigger Tory majority with a weak and divided Labour Party braced for a hammering.
That’s why May’s stood on her head. Not Brexit. Not the economy. Not security. Tory gain.
Remember last Autumn the same May declared: “I’m not going to be calling a snap election. I’ve been very clear that I think we need that period of time, that stability to be able to deal with the issues that the country is facing and have that election in 2020.”
Her spin doctors repeated the line regularly and the only “stability” and “certainty” May is concerned about is her own job.

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