Saturday, 1 April 2017

This 18-year old wants to take his grandma to prom, but his high school says 'No Way'

High School student, Bryce Maine celebrated turning 18 by making a very sweet request; he asked his grandmother to prom. She agreed and they made arrangements and she even bought a dress but then the school said no.

"She's never been to a prom so I figured, 'Why not take her?' Every woman deserves to go to a prom, no matter how old you are." Maine said.
His school however said NO because there was concern that allowing Maine's grandmother to attend prom would prompt other students at the Alabama school to "make the school a mockery" by inviting their grandparents as a joke.

It is a Eufaula High School policy that prom attendees must be 20 years old or younger. According to Maine, the school told him he could not bring his grandmother to prom because she could potentially bring and distribute alcohol to underage students.

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