Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Protesters yell 'Tory scum!' as Theresa May surrounds herself with party activists AGAIN at general election event

Protesters yelled "Tory scum" tonight as Theresa May attended yet another event packed with her own party's activists.
Mrs May had an unwelcoming committee to greet her with chants of "Tory, Tory, Tory, scum, scum, scum" as she arrived in Bristol.
The PM was whisked inside a community centre avoiding locals who were angry that she was refusing to engage with them.
Catherine Powell, 59, angrily shouted: "get the Tories out they're b******s."
She told the Mirror it was insulting that Mrs May had come to a council estate when her government had introduced the bedroom tax and was cutting local services.
They said: "weak and unstable", "on another planet" and simply "boo".
Jon said: "Theresa May has been going round talking to rooms of Tories about Tory policies she needs to talk to the public about her policies.
"I don't care who the opposition is strong and stable leadership is not about talking to your own supporters in your own house it's about getting everyone else in the country on your side and at the moment a slogan is not a policy.

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