Monday, 26 June 2017

Danny Dyer's marriage 'under serious pressure' as wife Jo 'left humiliated' by reports of Sarah Harding affair

Danny Dyer’s marriage is “under serious pressure” just weeks after he returned to the UK following an extended break from work, pals claim.
The EastEnders  actor, 39, and his wife Jo Mas have been spending time apart after he reportedly got back in touch with a “bunch of wrong ’uns” in recent weeks.
Friends of the couple, who have three children, say Jo has been humiliated by reports he had a six-week affairs  with Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding in 2012.
A source close to the pair said: “Jo has been left humiliated by the reports over the weekend of Danny’s fling with Sarah.
"The affair might have been years ago, but the reports and fact everyone’s talking about it now has been really tough on Jo.

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